Commemorative Bucks of Michigan (CBM)

This is the organization that maintains state records for deer, bear, elk and turkey. They do an excellent job and they are always looking for members. If you have a set of antlers or a skull that you think will qualify or are interested in trophy animals taken in the state, you owe it to yourself to check out this site.

Michigan Bear Hunters Association

If you are a bear hunter now or hope to become one in the future, you should join this organization. MBHA not only protects bear hunting in the state, it has been involved in protecting hunting rights throughout the country. I'm the editor of this organization's newsletter - Bear Facts.

Woods-N-Water News

This is an excellent monthly publication packed with solid information for outdoorsmen and women that I contribute to on a regular basis. If you don't have a subscription yet, you should get one. Check them out on the web!

Target Communications

Glenn Helgeland's Target Communications puts on deer and turkey shows in a number of states each year, including Michigan. These shows are must attend events for serious hunters. Quality seminars on a variety of topics are a part of each show. I present slide shows about deer and/or bear hunting on an every other year basis at one or more of Glenn's events.

Mike Avery's Outdoor Magazine

Mike covers the outdoors on both television and radio shows. I've been fortunate enough to be a guest a number of times on Mike's radio program as well as his television show. Mike has used video from a couple of my hunts for whitetails and black bear in Saskatchewan on the TV program. Hunters and anglers will often find information of interest to them at this site.

Wildlife Point Blank

This is the weekly television show produced for the Outdoor Channel by the company that makes odor-eliminating Scent-Lok clothing for hunters. I've used Scent-Lok products for years with excellent results. Some of my hunting and wildlife video has been used on this program.

Lac La Belle Lodge

Quality bear hunting over bait and fishing are available from this lodge in Keweenaw County. I bear hunted out of the lodge during the 2004 season and saw 9 or 10 different bears. These guys go the extra mile to cater to bear hunters.

Proud Foot Creek Outfitters

I've enjoyed excellent whitetail hunts with this outfit for more than 20 years. I've taken some of my best whitetails here including a 10-point typical that nets 163 7/8 and a 12-point nontypical that nets 165 3/8. They also offer spring black bear hunts.

The American Sportsmenís Club

If you live in Michiganís Lower Peninsula and are having difficulty locating land to hunt on, you should check out this site. The American Sportsmenís Club has 1,500 acres of private farmland available to members, as of January of 2006. Quality hunting for deer, turkey and small game can be found on these properties. This club is fairly new, starting in July of 2003. As of January 2006, they had 50 members.

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