Slide Presentations and Public Speaking

Richard P. Smith has spent a lifetime in the outdoors studying, photographing and hunting a variety of game animals and birds. Most of his time has been spent learning about whitetail deer and black bear, but he's also well versed on other wildlife such as moose, elk and grouse. He's an excellent speaker and is well known for his slide presentations on a variety of topics.

Richard's wife, Lucy, also does presentations on wildlife, living with an outdoor writer, managing stress, expressing uniqueness, book publishing & marketing, and life in general. Whereas, Richard uses photography, Lucy uses humor, common experiences and universal truths to connect to her audiences. To see topics, workshops and more about what Lucy does besides publish Richard's books, click on the wife link.

Slide Presentations

Here's a list of some of the topics Richard can provide slide presentations about. If your group or organization is interested in a topic that is not on this list, Richard may be able to put one together to meet your needs. Please contact Richard directly for cost and scheduling slide presentations.

Outdoor Writing Presentations

Life As An Outdoor Writer
How I Got Started As A Writer

Photography Presentations

Wildlife Photography (Hunting With A Camera)
Outdoor Photography
Photographing Whitetail Deer
Photographing Black Bears
Taking Trophy Field Photos (Photographing Bagged Game)

Wildlife Presentations

Animal Tracks & Signs
Michigan Moose Lifts
Michigan Elk
Michigan Grouse
Wildlife Photography (Hunting With A Camera)

Black Bear Presentations

Walking With Bears
Black Bear Denning
The Black Bear's Year
Life History of Black Bears
Understanding Black Bears
Reading Black Bear Sign
Black Bears I Have Known
Photographing Black Bears

Bear Hunting Presentations

How To Bag The Biggest Black Bear of Your Life
Black Bear Hunting
Bait Hunting For Black Bears
Hunting Saskatchewan's Trophy Bears
Field Judging Black Bears
Reading Black Bear Sign
Michigan Bear Hunting
Michigan's Biggest Bears
Taking Trophy Field Photos of Bagged Bears

Whitetail Deer Presentations

Antler Development of an 8-point Buck
Walking With Whitetails
Twin Albino Bucks
Albino Whitetails
Winter Whitetails
Life History of Whitetails
Understanding Deer Sign
Photographing Whitetail Deer

Deer Hunting Presentations

Hunting Big Woods Bucks
Tracking Wounded Deer
Stand Hunting For Whitetails
Lessons Learned During 40 Years of Deer Hunting
Saskatchewan's Trophy Whitetails
Understanding Deer Sign
Michigan's Biggest Bucks
The U.P.'s Biggest Bucks
Taking Trophy Field Photos of Bagged Bucks

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