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NEW - Field Judging Black Bears DVD - $20.00

Veteran black bear hunter Richard P. Smith, in cooperation with other experienced hunters like himself, have come up with a number of SIMPLE METHODS that anyone, regardless of experience level, can use successfully to field judge black bears. These methods will help reduce your chances of experiencing ground shrinkage on your next bear hunt as well as providing the know how to distinguish between males and females. EXCELLENT video and photographs of various size and sex bears, combined with detailed explanations, provide the audio and visual information you need to be able to accurately judge the bears you see while afield. To make sure you know what Boone and Crockett caliber black bears look like, no less than four of them are shown taken on camera. A quiz at the end of the DVD will test how much you learned during the presentation.

A preview of the DVD:

NEW - Walking with Whitetails DVD - $24.00

One of the best ways to learn about whitetailed deer is to follow them around to see where they go, what they do, what they eat and how they interact with one another, but that’s impossible. Right? Wrong. Veteran photojournalist Richard P. Smith from Marquette, Michigan has been walking with whitetails, both bucks and does of all ages, for years. And now you can share in seeing and learning some of the unique things he’s seen and learned about these normally shy animals by walking with them through this DVD. You will be amazed at some of the video he has captured while sharing the woods with whitetails. He’s seen and filmed deer doing things few, if any, other people have observed. Now you, too, can see these rare moments in the lives of whitetails during this 90-minute glimpse into their world.


  • Battling Bucks
  • Sleeping Buck
  • Nursing Fawns
  • Botflies & Deer
  • Velvet Shedding
  • Buck Breeding Doe
  • Surprising Deer Foods
  • Antler Rubbing Competition
  • Amazing Antler Development

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Preview the DVD:

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