Book 8 – Great Michigan Deer Tales





Book 8 has 17 chapters compared to 15 in each of the previous seven volumes in this series about the biggest bucks bagged by hunters in Michigan, and some of the chapters cover multiple bucks. Each of the chapters in this book, like the others, were carefully selected to be both entertaining and educational.


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This book isn’t just about big bucks though. One of the chapters is about one of Michigan’s most successful deer hunters, who shot bucks 70 years in a row. This UP hunter is now more than 90 years old and has more than 100 whitetails to his credit, all of which were shot for the quality meat they provide instead of the size of their antlers. Another chapter is about one more of the state’s most successful deer hunters who has taken trophy bucks from the same 52-acre parcel of land he owns 36 years in a row.


There’s one more chapter that proves it’s not necessary to protect spikehorns in order to produce plenty of older age bucks. That chapter is about a bowhunter’s exceptional success on bucks that were at least 4 ½ years old in Gogebic County between 1985 and 1995 when spike bucks were legal to all hunters and there were far more hunters during that decade than there are today.


You will learn the how, where and when behind every kill as well as who got these special deer.


Tales include:

State Record Typical Crossbow Buck

Washtenaw’s Best Typical

78-day Hunt for a Trophy Buck

Michigan’s Top Typical for 2018

Biggest Deer Ever Seen

Fairy Tale Buck

Branch County Buck of a Lifetime

Top Typicals from 2016

Pair of Booners from 2017

An Exciting Day in the Woods

10 and 11-point Years

Velvet Antlered Trophies

One of Michigan’s Most Successful Deer Hunters

Freelancing for UP Bucks

Battling Bucks Drown

Book Bucks from Gogebic County

Michigan’s Buck Master


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