Nickel & Dime Your Way to Extra Dollars



Nickel & Dime Your Way to Extra Dollars

While Saving The Planet




As the title says, this book explains how anyone can turn the nickels and dimes from beverage container deposits into extra dollars to pay for groceries and other essentials such as gas for your vehicle.


This book provides valuable insights into how the dramatic increase in recycling that deposit laws generate, play a vital role in saving the planet and how expansion of those laws to more states will be major steps toward protecting the environment as well as benefiting the economy.


Expansion of container deposit laws to more states is one of the quickest, easiest and most efficient ways to have an impact on reversing climate change.


  • Make extra dollars from can and bottle deposits
  • Save money on your grocery bills
  • Can and bottle drives can be valuable fundraisers
  • Claim container deposits others don’t want
  • All you need to know about reverse vending machines
  • What happens to money from unclaimed deposits
  • States that have beverage container deposit laws
  • Why your state may not have container deposits
  • How you can get a container deposit law adopted in your state


Learn How Container Deposit Laws Can Save the Planet